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A lusciously rich herbal infused oil excellent for wound healing, scar reduction and to promote fresh, youthful skin through regeneration of damaged cells. Ideal for the face and all-over body.



Sol Y Luna Oil combines the medicinal properties of St John's Wort and Mugwort. Both herbs were wildcrafted from the exquisite Victorian Alpine region of Australia during the December summer solstice and infused into beautifully rich and nourishing cold pressed organic Australian olive oil.


I've included photos of this joyous process so you can see the incredible alchemical transformation from fresh plant matter to the bright ruby red of the final product. The hallmarks of a quality St. John's Wort oil include the purple-red stain of the fresh buds when harvesting (image 4), and the distinctly rich and red colour extracted from the fresh St. John's Wort plant via the olive oil (image 6).


Sol Y Luna Oil is also available in Australian Cold Pressed Macadamia Oil. The reason why the oils produce two different shades of red from the St. John's Wort is because macadamia oil is naturally a deeper, richer amber colour, compared to the lighter and brighter olive oil. Whichever you prefer, both are equally luscious and nourishing when applied topically to the skin!


INGREDIENTS: Wildcrafted St. John's Wort flowering tops, buds and stems; wildcrafted Mugwort leaves; cold pressed organic Australian olive oil.




Sol Y Luna Oil (or Sun and Moon Oil) is a marriage of the divine masculine and divine feminine energies. St John's Wort represents the divine masculine — he is a magnificent herb of the sun — warm, fiery, all-embracing. Astrologically he is assigned to Leo, the lion — and energetically he is aligned to activation of the solar plexus chakra. 


Mugwort, on the otherhand represents the divine feminine. She is a herb of the moon — sacred to the goddess Artemis. Loving, nurturing and wise, astrologically she is assigned to the moon and Venus, and energetically she is aligned to our third eye and psychic intuition.


We all hold these two polarities within. You can also perceive it in terms of Yin and Yang. Through roles we play at work, relationship dynamics at home, and other factors in our life, it is easy for these two poles to swing out of balance — leaning more fiercely towards the masculine (yang), or too deeply into the feminine (yin).


Sol Y Luna Oil, when used topically through intentional ritual or chakra work, or simply by body oiling after bathing — gently calls us to return to balance assisting us to better manifest harmony in our inward and outward lives.


This product does not intend to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

St Johns Wort + Mugwort All-over Corrective Oil - Olive

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