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I often advise my beautiful customers to apply About Face oil to wet skin. Why? Because...




Or, as it is better known in the mainstream — a 'moisturiser'. Essentially, applying face oils to wet skin ramps up the moisture factor — big time!  


So why not take this concept and fortify the aqueous portion of the application with known skin hydrators and beautifiers? (learn about the benefits of the Rose & Aloe Hydrating Mist here).


And why not bundle the process together to create a super easy and quick two-step routine?


Enter — The Dewy Duo Face Kit! (which comes complete with your own re-useable calico drawstring Little Lune Apothecary bag ☺).






ABOUT FACE OIL INGREDIENTS: Unrefined jojoba oil*, wheatgerm oil, rosehip oil*, geranium*, carrot seed, sandalwood, rose.


ROSE ALOE MIST INGREDIENTS: Rose damascena floral water, aloe vera gel extract*.


* = certified organic ingredients.


This product does not intend to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

The Dewy Duo Face Set

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