I made this sleeping crescent moon incense dish because I was tired of having incense holders that can't accommodate the thicker, Tibetan style incense sticks! So the central incense hole is for this style of incense, and is flanked by two smaller holes for standard incense. She's organic in form, curve and foundation, measuring 12cm in diameter. Her teal colour is as true as these photos, bespeckled with a few golden brown dots across her surface.


Enjoy this beautiful blessing to the moon as part of your altar, or around the home for sweet incense purification (or jewellery dish)! As a hand build and glaze, this is a one-off in its specific shape, colour and charcterisitics ♥


x mary lune


♥ Hand built glazed ceramic

♥ Hole for one Tibetan incense stick

♥ Two holes for standard incense sticks

♥ 12cm diameter

♥ Organic contours + flecks

♥ Teal glaze

Sleeping moon incense dish