This is our luscious skin saviour So Smooth Salve, with all the same goodness, potency and 50 grams of jam-packed skin harmonising benefits. The difference? Well, being an intentionally small batch, handmade business — sometimes there's little hiccups along the way! We are working with a wonderful new organic Western Australian beeswax, and we are getting used to its unique flair! As we are sticklers for consistency, the batch came out a little firmer than what we usually provide — however it still melts down and absorbs into the skin just as beautifully and deeply as our usual consistency.


Superficially, this also happened to be a day where there were strong winds and so we lightly popped the lids on before the salves had fully solidified (we typically wait until solid), resulting in a slight sinking in the middle. Not a big deal at all, but seeing as we are so used to providing perfectly smooooth salves, this bugged us a little too!


Now what to do? Well we definitely didn't want to axe the batch — there's way too many medicinal plant oils and hard working bee friend goodness residing in these tins. So we thought, let's put them on sale!


This way, our beautiful salve can still work the same magic it has always delivered, but we can also hopefully reach some customers who are wanting to try this little pocket rocket at a price that is more appropriate to them. So will you be the one to adopt our perfectly imperfect salve into the family? We are sure you will get just as much love, care and noticeable results out of this ultra medicinal and moisturising balm. It truly is one of our most highly treasured products here at Little Lune. Check out the original So Smooth product page for more info ♥

Perfectly Imperfect Salve

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$18.00Sale Price