Do not underestimate the power of this common kitchen garden herb, especially when concentrated into potent essential oil form. Our classic Mint blend is a must-have for your natural home pharmacy, and for convenient everyday wellness on the go. It also smells so good, you could eat it, and will help to freshen you up and put a pep in your step when endurance for long days or nights is a must.




  • Helps to ease tension headaches (apply to temple/forehead region and inhale)
  • Massage in to sore muscles and joints
  • Massage into tummy to help relieve menstrual cramps
  • Rub into palms and inhale to help open up blocked sinus
  • Helps to improve mental clarity and focus
  • May assist with digestive bloating when massaged into tummy 
  • May help to reduce nausea when rubbed into palms and inhaled
  • Provides a refreshing, stimulating shake up when applied to palms and inhaled
  • May be applied to minor itches and irritations as cooling relief.


INGREDIENTS: Fractionated coconut oil, lavender flower*, peppermint*.


* = certified organic ingredients



Mint (Pain relief blend)