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Adding to the long list of reasons to love magnesium (better sleep, reduced aches and pains, improved mood, etc.), did you know this naturally occurring mineral is also an incredibly effective odour eater and deodoriser? 


Using a magnesium deodorant is not only a fantastic way to naturally neutralise body odour, but also an easy everyday opportunity to increase your body's magnesium levels. This is because applying magnesium topically through the skin is considered just as effective — if not moreso — than taking magnesium internally.


Combined with the refreshing, astringent and anti-inflammatory action of Witch Hazel and enhanced with the soothing and smoothing properties of organic Marshmallow Root, Magnesium Magic Deodorant Spray offers a silky, ultra nourishing application that won't dry or irritate your armpits.


Oh, and did we mention it will make you smell really, really good? A divine alchemy of Cypress and Australian Sandalwood essential oils yields a forest-fresh scent that will activate your inner woodland elf as you go about your day in the human realm!


And just a note — this deodorant does not contain any toxic ingredients that inhibit your sweat production. Sweating is a natural and healthy process of elimination for your body and we would never try to stop that! What it will do, however, is magically neutralise odours as you sweat so you can get on with your day with confidence.



Magnesium Magic Deodorant Spray is:

Δ Housed in a 100ml reusable spray bottle

Δ 100% natural, non-toxic ingredients

Δ Free from synthetic fragrances

Δ Paraben + sulfate free

Δ Bi-carb free

Δ Aluminium free

Δ Vegan friendly.



INGREDIENTS: Witch Hazel extract, liquid magnesium, vegetable glycerine, solubiliser, marshmallow root*, cypress and Australian sandalwood essential oils.


* = certified organic ingredients.

This product does not intend to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

Magnesium Magic deodorant spray

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