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This sunshine yellow medley of organic chamomile, calendula and hops makes the perfect herbal hair rinse after shampooing to reduce dandruff, boost glossy shine and lustre, and even naturally highlight hair with continued use.


When not pouring this magical mix over your head, you can pour it in your teacup. The combination of calming nervine herbs (chamomile and hops) along with the soothing energetics of calendula make this a superb sleepy time tea for restless souls, as well as a cramp and tension relieving ally during monthly moon cycles.


For the full herbal hair treatment experience, buy Hair Herbs + Happy Sleep Tea as part of the Herbal Hair Ritual kit, which comes with our cult-favourite Herbal Hair Oil for luscious locks, and a more intensified method for naturally highlighting your hair!



INGREDIENTS: Calendula flowers*, chamomile flowers*, hops*.


* = certified organic ingredients


This product does not intend to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

Organic Hair Herbs + Sleepy Soothe Tea

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