Flower Power is a botanical and mineral spell that has been lovingly cast to connect your body and spirit with the potent essences and vibrations of flowers and crystals, in a way that speaks to you! An aromatic bouquet of sacred lotus, rose, lavender, chamomile and calendula infused with vibrant frangipani oil is met with heart chakra-opening rose quartz crystals to bring harmony and serenity at bathtime.


Flower Power may also be used as an invigorating floral/crystal hair rinse, foot bath, or as a shamanic flower baño ritual, which we take you through step-by-step below.


How to use: Simply infuse your warm bath, foot bath or hair rinse water with as many flowers as you desire and place the rose quartz crystals into your tub, foot bath or hair rinse jug.  Now enjoy some luscious self-care time to lovingly reset your body and emotional state. Used petals may be scattered in your garden or compost heap, and of course keep your rose quartz gems for next time!





Words by Lisa


With all that’s going on in the world, now is the time to become our own healers. A ritual cleanse and realignment of the energy we carry day to day is a beautiful step on our journey of healing. A shamanic flower baño combines the ancient ritual of cleansing with the energetic healing properties of flowers. It is a gift from the universe. 

Bathing rituals are an ancient practice. A ritual bath is a rite in itself and can be performed in many variations on the basis that water cleanses more than your body — it rejuvenates your aura too.

Baño de florecimiento means flowering bath. It is shamanic tradition. Held in high esteem often after doing a dieta (plant diet) in the jungle. It is a magical ceremony that anoints the body in water with the powerful essence of flowers. 

Taking a ritual baño with petals is a beautiful form of purification that sweetens your aura and lifts your spirit. It connects you with the divine. This is a softened form of flower baño which has been performed on me numerous times by the shamanic healer Singing Raven. 

Using the power of the sun and moon enhances the water’s healing energetic power. 

Our emotions are represented by the element of water. Our bodies are mostly made up of water and like Mother Earth we are deeply influenced by the gravitational field controlled by the sun and moon.


The flower baño is best undertaken in a state of purification. We like to purify for the full 24 hour process. From the time we place our bowl outside until the time we splash.  

You may purify in any form you desire. It does not have to be hard. Purifying during this time while the flowers infuse could be having a sauna, or a swim in the river or ocean, taking a salt bath, purifying your space by diffusing essential oils, watching the sunrise and/or sunset, breath work, yoga, lying down under a tree or standing in the rain. 


Another method of purification is being conscious of what we put into our body. Giving the digestive tract a rest once a fortnight is beneficial for recalibrating the body and realigning imbalances. Eating just one meal for a single day and drinking herbal cleansing teas for the first 12 hours and petal (floral) teas for the next 12 hours is manageable for most people. 


Foregoing practices like your daily coffee, salt, spices and alcohol is necessary for the healing power of the baño to work. It helps the flowers connect with us more directly and deeply. 



To enhance the power of ritual bathing, it is recommended that you do this practice outside. We live on nature-hugged properties in Brierfield and Kalang near Bellingen on the NSW mid north coast, so simply going outside our door is the perfect place for us to undertake this ritual. For most we understand this may not be possible and it will be just as magical to undertake the ritual in your backyard, shower or bath. Just use whatever you have available to create a nourishing space. Anything that calms your nervous system and allows you to tune in with nature (plants, nature audio, shamanic music, etc). 


Flower baño is traditionally done using cold water, in all seasons. It’s okay to shiver at the thought, but being scared of cold water is just being afraid to feel fear. Fear is a cold emotion. It’s safe to feel your inner scaredy cat. Just allow your body to shake and shiver. All this releases trauma from your cells. Let it all out. Allow yourself to truly feel it. Better than holding it in, Singing Raven would say. 


Be kind to yourself — you may snuggle up after the baño with a hot water bottle and a freshly made bed sprinkled with essential oils and flower petals, if you desire, or if taking the baño during the day, you may be lucky enough to have the water still warm from the sun! 



This ritual may be performed at any time for an energetic uplifting of your spirit. However, if you are performing this ritual with a deeper intention of healing, growth or renewal, you may wish to have the flower baño ready and prepared for the day or night of the new moon (new beginnings, planting seeds for change and growth), and again on the following full moon (reaping the efforts of your work, reaching fullness, acknowledging the shifts and growth in your being).



  • Little Lune Flower Power

  • A big glass bowl

  • Pure water from a natural source. If only tap water is available, boil water first, fill your glass bowl and let it sit uncovered for 12-24 hours. This will allow the chlorine to evaporate from the water. 

  • Candle  

  • White sage smudge stick or palo santo stick 


  • Place a handful or more of the flowers, along with the rose quartz in a large glass bowl of water and set outside under the moon and sun (or sun and moon) for 24 hours. Using a glass bowl allows the water, flowers and rose quartz to capture the sun rays and moonbeams from all angles, providing a deeper infusion. Tune in with your intention and reason for healing. 

  • Once infused for 24 hours outdoors, shower to clean the body, light candle and smudge stick/palo santo and smudge your body from the crown of your head to your toes.

  • Remove the rose quartz from your baño bowl and now pour this charged elixir over the crown of your head to flow over your body and absorb the power of the flowers and crystal energies. This will feel very energising and invigorating, so get ready!

  • The shamans recommend that you allow the flowers to fall off the body naturally, instead of removing them, to deepen the healing process of the body, mind and spirit. 

  • Air dry naked or wrap your body with a sarong or robe, or even snuggle naked in bed — but do not towel dry. Tune out with prayer, giving thanks to the sacred water, sun, moon, flowers and crystals for assisting you on this path of growth, healing and empowerment.

  • If possible do not take a bath or shower for 24 hours.

Flower Power Bath & Body Ritual


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