I love this singular crescent moon incense holder as during the glazing process it produced a cluster of magical little moon craters in the right corner. How serendipitous! (you can see this in the photos). She's organic in form, curve and foundation, measuring 9.5cm on her longest side. Her teal colour is as true as these photos.


Enjoy this beautiful blessing to the moon as part of your altar, or around the home for sweet incense purification (or jewellery dish)! As a hand build and glaze, this is a one-off in its specific shape, colour and charcterisitics ♥


x mary lune


♥ Hand built glazed ceramic

♥ Hole for one stanard incense stick

♥ 9.5cm wide on longest side

♥ Organic contours + flecks

♥ Teal glaze

Elevated moon incense dish