Embody the essence of the sensual, sophisticated Priestesses of ancient Greece: Delphi natural perfume oil lures you into a nostalgic dream of herbs, citrus, flowers and spice; producing a blooming bouquet of seduction that leaves a trail of decadent scent wherever you float. Delphi is for the Aphrodite who knows what she wants, and knows how to get it. Wrap yourself up in the beauty, elegance and wisdom of these prized plant botanicals coveted by the ancient world.


Housed in an elegantly slender, purse-friendly roll-on bottle, you can call on Delphi's Priestess power any time of day or night.


Our botanical perfume oil is:

♥ 100% natural

♥ Vegan friendly

♥ Alcohol free

♥ Fragrance free

♥ Preservative free.




Rose: A timeless scent for the heart, Rose opens you up to joy and embraces you when you are tender, driving away melancholy and harmonising your divine, sensual feminine.


Cardamom: Wonderfully warming and spicy sweet, Cardamom waves away listlessness and invites you to relish in the bright side of life.


Bergamot: Lively Bergamot's sunny and warm disposition boosts your self-confidence, refreshes the spirit and eases nervous tension and anxiety.


Rosemary: Sacred to the Greeks and Romans, divine mother Rosemary calls us to clearness and clarity, uplifting tender nervous systems and sharpening our cognition and memory.


Myrrh: Meditative Myrrh propels you forward when feeling stuck in life, helps to dissolve negative moods and guides you deeper into realms of the spirit.


Manuka: Earthy, herby and soothing Manuka grounds and centres our emotional state, offering protection and nurturing to sensitive nervous systems.


Marjoram: Warm, woody and spicy, Marjoram provides comfort to the heart, and relieves stress and tension with its calming aura.


Spikenard: Simultaneously uplifting and grounding, Spikenard's calming and mood enhancing qualities lingers in its distinct woody and spicy scent which has been long prized in perfumery. 


INGREDIENTS: Sweet almond oil*, wheatgerm oil, rose, cardamom, bergamot*, rosemary, myrrh, manuka, marjoram and spikenard essential oils, rose petals*.


* = certified organic ingredients


This product does not intend to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.


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