Dark Moon natural perfume oil is a nocturnal dreamscape beckoning you beyond the witching hour into a moonlit forest of sensual rose, dusky sandalwood, smoky vetiver, delicate clementine and harmonising ylang ylang.


Deepened with the erotic, phantasmagoric qualities of sacred lotus and heart-expanding rose quartz to usher in love at every turn, this playground of floral and earthy delight glides like silk into your skin with its moisturising organic Argan oil base.


Blended exclusively during the dark moon lunar phase, a fertile time for rebirth and initiating changes anew, our Dark Moon perfume oil is released in limited small batches, and comes with an authenticity card outlining the blend date and astrological phase. The beautiful 30ml matte ebony reuseable dropper bottle nestles in an organic cotton drawstring pouch, making it a divine gift of sacred love for yourself, or someone special. 


Our botanical perfume oil is:

♥ 100% natural

♥ Vegan friendly

♥ Alcohol free

♥ Preservative free.




♥ Sacred Lotus: Calmingly euphoric, Sacred Lotus connects you to the divine, to erotic love, and to vivid dreamstates; tenderly moving you through feelings of stuckness, onto a path of rebirth and renewal.


♥ Rose Quartz: The crystal of unconditional love, Rose Quartz lives in our heart chakra, drawing in love, but also illuminating our own self-love, self-worth, self-acceptance and self-forgiveness.


♥ Sandalwood: Aligned with the root chakra, the seat of fertility and sexuality, sensuous Sandalwood opens you up to connection with others, guides you to your clearest insight and harmonises feelings of tension, unease and depression.


♥ Rose: A timeless scent for the heart, Rose opens you up to joy and embraces you when you are tender, driving away melancholy and harmonising your divine, sensual feminine. 


♥ Vetiver: Smoky Vetiver grounds you into the roots of Mother Earth, drinking up her life-giving force in times of burnout and exhaustion. This oil of tranquility helps to dispel states of irritability, anger and neuroses.  


♥ Clementine: Sweet darling Clementine elevates our mood and fosters positive feelings of joy and sunshine, with playful leans towards love and affection.


♥ Ylang Ylang: Seductively exotic Ylang Ylang instils in us a fiery feminine confidence and radiance that lures others in with her aphrodisiac aura, while calming your being with a floral wash of relaxation.


Ingredients: Argan oil*, wheatgerm oil, sandalwood, rose, vetiver*, clementine* and ylang ylang* essential oils, sacred lotus. 


* = certified organic ingredients


This product does not intend to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

Dark Moon

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