I call this bowl Cosmic Icecream as it looks like decadent pink cherry and aqua topping melting down over the creamy off-white matte glaze. This spacey bowl would make a lovely altar piece for flower/oil/water offerings, or to actually eat ice cream out of, because wouldn't that look gosh darn cute?! One side of the bowl curves out wider, and I love that — it reminds me of something out of The Jetsons, plus I'm more interested in creating organic, asymmetrical, imperfect shapes as I find them more "real" and captivating. 


Cosmic Icecream stands a touch over 5cm tall and is 10.5cm wide. This wheel-thrown piece is a one-off in its specific shape, colour and charcterisitics ♥


x mary lune


♥ Wheel thrown glazed ceramic

♥ Matte off-white underglaze

♥ Pink cherry and light aqua drips

♥ 10.5cm W x 5cm H

♥ Organic contours + flecks

Cosmic icecream bowl