Don't particularly want to sell this cutie — but if you love something set it free, right?! No, I'm excited for it to be with someone else who loves it too! This little wheel thrown piece is matte off-white with a lovely aqua rim glaze and would make a charming liquid vessel for ritual use, hair/body oiling, or simply on the table at breakfast. I can imagine this filled with maple syrup or cream being decadently drizzled all over pancakes!


Standing 4cm high and 8cm wide, this wheel-thrown ritual pour pot is a one-off in its specific shape, colour and charcterisitics ♥


x mary lune


♥ Wheel thrown glazed ceramic

♥ Matte off-white underglaze

♥ Aqua glazed rim

♥ 8cm W x 4cm H

♥ Organic contours + flecks

Aqua crème pour pot