Did you know Little Lune treasures are blended and bottled on the full and dark moons within the moon phase calendar? To find out which moon your purchased product was blended on, simply look for the moon face sticker attached to your Little Lune bottle or tin.

A grey moon face signifies your product was blended on the dark moon, while a cream moon face means your product was blended under the light of the full moon. 


Below we explain a little bit more about the significance of each moon phase, and why it makes your chosen Little Lune blend infused with a deeper connection to lunar energy!


Qualities: New beginnings, re-birth, setting intentions and goals to manifest, growth, initiation of new projects and ideas.


The Dark Moon, more commonly known as the New Moon, marks the first phase of the lunar cycle, and thus is a potent symbol for new beginnings. The darkness is like a seed planted underground — a seed that will soon germinate and grow into its full power and potential as the the moon phases strengthen in intensity. For you, the Dark Moon provides a powerful time to begin anew and set clear intentions for what you would like to see flourish and grow moving forward. Reflect and meditate on this when applying a Little Lune dark moon blend, and of course, be sure to apply your dark moon blend on the new moon each month, as you welcome in the fresh, rejuvenating energy and wealth of growth and opportunity that this nourishing moon phase delivers.    


Qualities: Reaching potential, letting go of negative energy, abundance, reaping results of intentions and goals set on the Dark Moon. 


The Full Moon is the beautifully energetic time when the sun, in direct alignment with earth and moon, illuminates the moon to her fullest splendour.  From her birth (Dark Moon), she has now bloomed into her ultimate energy — the Mother, the Goddess. This is the time when the seeds of intention planted on the Dark Moon may be reaped and manifested. When applying a Little Lune full moon blend during this time (or anytime), reflect on your growth up until this point, and actively identify and release anything that is not serving you. Our full moon blends energetically symbolise growth, abundance, intuition, letting go, gratitude for your blessings and the unwavering power and love of the feminine.