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At Little Lune, we do not diagnose disease or illness. We can offer products to assist in your health journey and to provide a general sense of wellbeing, after advice from your physician has been sought. Should you experience any symptoms, please speak to your physician or health care specialist immediately. We make no healing claims about any of the products offered on this website.


PREGNANT: We do not recommend the use of topical essential oils during the first trimester of pregnancy. If pregnant, avoid these oils altogether: Basil, Cinnamon, Cedarwood, Jasmine, Marjoram, Peppermint and Wintergreen.

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: If you suffer from high blood pressure or epilepsy, avoid the use of Rosemary oil.

SUN EXPOSURE: Citrus oils may cause skin sensitivity if used before and during continuous exposure to sun. When out and about in the sun for a length of time, avoid the use of Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lime, Lemon, Orange and Palmarosa.

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