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We love our beautiful community of Bellingen and Kalang here on the New South Wales mid north coast, which is why we run the Bellingen Community Initiative. As a Belligen or Kalang local, you receive the benefit of:




We'll deliver your Little Lune order direct to your door or letterbox for free! To reduce our fuel impact, we deliver on days when we're already venturing into town for supplies and order dispatches. We'll arrange a drop off day and time to suit once we receive your order.


As an eco-conscious company, we aim to reduce landfill waste wherever possible. We not only have a no/minimal packaging policy, but we also offer discount refills on all of our bottled products. We'll collect your bottle on an arranged day, and drop it off re-filled and ready to go the next time we head into town!

NOTE: For local drop-off and refill orders, please email your requests to Don't go through our online store as you'll be charged postage!

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