Little Lune products are blended and brewed with love on the wild, beautiful and luscious subtropical mid north coast of New South Wales.

At Little Lune, we believe nature has everything we need to balance our mind, body and spirit — and that what we put onto and into our bodies matters! We hand craft essential oil blends, natural roll-on perfumes, nourishing skin salves, botanical skincare, organic herbal tinctures and wellness concoctions imbued with the energetic essence of the sun and moon.


Our products are blended and bottled in small batches for freshness each month under the dark moon (new beginnings) and full moon (harvesting intentions), with select energising blends bottled as the sun rises over the horizon (yes we chase the sun to capture it in a bottle for you)!

We only use the highest quality natural ingredients — organic and wild harvested where possible, allowing the aromatic and medicinal benefits of these intelligent plant botanicals to shine for themselves.

Little Lune creations are:

  • All natural ingredients

  • Highest quality always

  • No palm oil or synthetic fillers

  • Organic where possible

  • Wild harvested where possible

  • Tested on humans

  • Handmade with intention

  • Minimal/no packaging

  • Small batch made for freshness.

Sealing in the goodness

All of our oil blends are bottled in amber glass to protect against UV light, thus preserving the integrity and medicinal properties of the essential oils and herbal infusions.